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How To Make Money Online in Nigeria fast (2018 guide)

Do you want to know how to make money online ? if yes, then stick around because, in this post, You are going to learn more than 18 fast and legit ways of making money online in Nigeria or elsewhere. I guarantee you, if you put these guides into practice, you will start making more than 500.000 naira monthly into your bank account.

The interesting part of online jobs is the fact you don’t need a huge amount to get started. Get a fairly used laptop and internet connection and you are good to go. Moreover, you don’t need great knowledge in computer, everything is easy to set up if you are willing to learn.

You won’t have to move to any working place nor will someone determine your opening and closing time. You will be working in the comfort of your bedroom. Without further ado let us take a look at the table of contents. But first, why should try to make money online? what should you know about companies?

how to make money online in nigeria


  • # Making money online is for people that like passive income, for example, you can join affiliate programs and start getting commissions for products and services of companies you promote. You don’t need to render any service or sell products.
  • # Are you working but you are not satisfied with your current pay? Why not make extra money online?
  • # Are you looking for a job? It can take you a while, why not try to make money online? In fact, I guarantee you that you will love making money online than working for someone or a company.


Let me tell a fact, the goal of companies is to minimize their charges and maximize their profit. They can cut off on their salary budget and increase the money they spend on advertisement.

Every year, companies spend billions of dollar on advertisement in order to promote their products and services and get new customers or increase their sale in return. Since we know what they are doing why not take advantage of that? Since they are looking for ways to promote their products or services, help them do it by placing their adverts on your blog for example.

That is how you can get employed indirectly by a company. The difference is you are in control, you get more cash than working for them directly. So far I have mentioned affiliate and blog, these are some of the ways to make money online. Now let us go in dept and also talk about other ways of making money online. Now let us see the different ways to make money online.


# Create a Blog
# Create an Ebook
# Create a YouTube channel
# Create a Media Page
# Start translating text or book online.
# Create a membership site.
# Create a website/blog and sell it.
# Become a Freelancer
# Create your own e-commerce or marketplace.
# Create a forum.
# Become a bitcoins trader


make money online by creating a blog
Make money online by creating a blog

If you are looking for means to make money online, I will recommend you get a blog and start posting content. First thing first, What is a blog? We can define a blog as a website that has useful contents in a particular niche that people are really interested in knowing. For example, one can create a website where he can start teaching people how to create a blog using WordPress, how to set up some WordPress plugins …

But before you start a blog, ask yourself what you love doing. This is important because you need to choose a nice niche, a niche that you really like.

Why is it important to choose the right niche? First, don’t choose a domain that you are not really good at. For example personally, I don’t have the passion for agricultural science so it won’t be recommended for me to blog about anything related to agriculture. But let us assume I decide to go into the agricultural blog, maybe because I heard people in the niche are doing well. If you have money hire people that are really good in the field to help you write content for your blog.

What will be the impact on my blog?

  1. First, there is a tendency that my blog will be of no use for my visitors. This because agricultural science is not my field so I will find it difficult to give useful information to my visitors.
  2. Secondly, I will not really enjoy my blog. Just imagine doing a work you don’t really like doing.
  3. Thirdly, there is a tendency that you won’t be updating your blog regularly with new content. You may quickly run out of ideas. And if that happens, there are few chances for your content to be ranked by search engines.

Keep in mind, if you want search engines to rank your content, you need to have useful content on your blog, and that will be achieved only if you are in a niche that you really love. The truth is, you can not explain what you don’t know.

Here in Nigeria, most people tend to choose “Entertainment” niche without having much knowledge in the field. They just want to compete with Linda Ikeji. What normally happens is that they end up giving up thinking blogging is hard because they are not getting any traffic. And since they are not having traffic on their blog, they end up making few dollars or not at all which is not their original plan. They actually want to make a living with their blog.

What do you need to get a blog ready?

Since we have talked about things we need to have at the back of our mind, let us see what we need to create a blog.

To create a blog, you need a laptop and internet connection first. If you want to blog using your phone, it is actually possible, but more stressful. In fact there may be somethings you might not be able to do with your phone. For example the design of your blog, though you can use your phone to type a post but the design aspect may require large screen resolution. You can get a second hand laptop or get a new one at KONGA.COM or JUMIA.COM

After getting a laptop and an internet connection, you need a domain and web hosting. A domain cost around $12/year and a web hosting account around $3/month depending on the hosting company. You can get a domain and web hosting at DomainKing , Namecheap or Hostgator.

You can actually get a domain for free and buy the hosting only. But i recommend you get a popular extension like .com .com.ng .net .org ….

If you have no money to spend, you can create your blog using BLOGGER or Blogspot platform. Keep in mind you won’t get a domain with blogger platform but a sub-domain, something like yourblogname.blogspot.com

But if you have money, I recommend you get a self-hosted blog. You can easily set up a blog in a minute using WordPress.

Beside the domain and hosting, we will need a theme. A theme will make our blog beautiful. There are free ones and paid ones. You can get free themes on WordPress official site www.wordpress.org.

If I am to recommend any free theme for a blog, i will recommend: Revenue theme that I used on one of my clients blog which is www.enibest.com.ng or Primer theme. If your blog is a news blog, you can use newsmagbd Theme it is also free.

Of course youwill see many theme there, try to preview those you like and choose one. Keep in mind that you can at anytime change your theme either to another free one or a premium theme. If you wish to use a premium theme, you can get one at themeforest.com. A premium theme cost around $29-$59

If you are planning to create a blog where you can be posting news, I recommend you use Newspapper theme. It is a great theme that can easily help setup a beautiful blog. The theme is also great when it come to ads display for those planning to display ads on the site. Also the theme is responsive which is good for SEO. Click here to take a look at theme on themeforest. Below is the preview of the theme.

If you need a tutorial on how to setup a blog with the newspapper theme, please click here. This tutorial gives evreything you need to have the same thing as you are seeing in the demo.


How much can you make from a blog?

Another question is to know how much one can be make blogging since we are talking about how to make money online. To answer this question, I will say it all depends mainly on your traffic and how you are going to monetize your blog. If you are having less traffic on your site, you probably going to make few cash from your blog. So make sure you work on your blog traffic.

Secondly, the amount you will be making also depends on how you will monetize your blog. If your blog is not monetize at all, you will earn nothing. Talking about how to monetize your blog, keep in mind that it is not all about Google Adsense. There are other means you can use to monetize your blog. We are going to talk about them in the next section.

Now, let us assume your blog is having a decent traffic, you can be making more than $1000/month. But keep in mind that it may take some time to reach that level. May be one or two years.

For more information on how much bloggers are making, please read this post.

How to monetize your blog?

Since we are talking about how to make money online, we need to monetize our blog in order to get money from it. There are many ways we can use to monetize our blog.

  1. # Google adsense: Basically with adsense, you just need to apply to join the program. If your application is approved, what you need is to place google adsense code on your site and google will place ads on your site and whenever a visitors clicks on any of those ads, you get a small commission. Please read this post to know how you can make money with adsense. Please bear in mind that with adsense you can be making $100/day even more. It all depends on your traffic.
  2. # Affiliate marketing: With affiliate you need to recommend some products and services to your visitors, if they buy them, you get a commission.
  3. # Sell ads space on your blog: You can contact some companies to advertise their products and services on your blog. You guys will make an agreement on how much money they will be paying your monthly. For more information on how to make monetize your blog, consider reading this post.
  4. Note: If you want to make money online by blogging, first choose the niche you like, post original content and make sure your blog contents are useful for your visitors. This will help you get traffic and your dream to make money online will come true. This way of making money online is good for people that love sharing content. You don’t need any technical skill to become a blogger.

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how to make money online by selling ebookAnother way to make money online in Nigeria is by writing e-Books.

What is an ebook? An Ebook is an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer, phone or tablet.

Things you need to know before starting Ebooks business

If you want to make money online by selling Ebooks, here are some things that will help you.

  • The niche: make sure what you will put in your ebook as content be very useful to your buyers. Nobody wants to spend money on things with less value or not at all. As I already mentioned in the section above (how to make money online blogging), you need to write something you well know. Otherwise hire someone or people that are very good in the niche to help you out.
  • The content: After carefully choosing your niche, make a research about what you intend putting in your ebook. Make sure you give more details on the topics you are treating. Try to put yourself in your potential buyers shoes and see if you will feel bad buying the book. If you will feel satisfied, then you are good to go. I will also recommend you ask one of your close friends to proofread it.
  • A book cover: Of course after choosing the right niche and writing your content, you will need a book cover for your ebook. A well designed book cover can easily grab the attention of a visitor. So contact a graphic designer for a book cover. You can contact us for a clean book cover or reach a graphic designer on fiverr.com
  • The right title: You need an appealing title for your ebook the same way we need a right post title. Let the title be easy to understand.

Where can you sell your ebook?

If you have a blog, design a banner and place it within your posts. While your visitors are reading your posts, they will come accross it and contact you.

Another thing you can do to sell your ebook, is to become a seller on marketplace like Konga or Jumia. You can as well become a seller on amazon.

Advertise your ebook on facebook: On facebook you can get your potential buyers easily since facebook can reach people that may be interested in your ebook. It will help you reach the right audience on time, though the service is not free.

If you have many ebooks, try to create an ebook shop. You can easily setup an ebook shop with woocommerce plugin.

How much can you make selling ebooks?

This part is important because our goal is to make money online. In order to answer this question, here are the things to connsider:

  • # The price: How much will you charge per book? Charge a reasonable amount, not too low or too high. It is not because you want to make money online that you will be overcharging people. Ask yourself to know if the book worth the price. I know some bloggers who are selling a copy fro 1000, 2000 or 5000 naira.
  • # The volume of sale: If people really like your book, they will recommend it to their friends and you will make more sales. Just imagine you are selling a copy for just 1000 naira and you are able to sell 1000 copies, that means you have made one million naira. As you can see, writing an ebook is really lucrative. It is a good business. For more information on how to make money online selling ebooks, please read this post.

make money online by selling ebooks

Note: This way of making money online is good for people that love making research and writing. Indeed writing an ebook needs a lot of reseach.


Another amazing way to make money online is to create a youtube channel and start posting video content on youtube. In case you don’t know, Youtube is the second most visited website in the world which means it has a large audience. Click here to see the list of most visited website in the world. For more statistic about youtube, please click here.

For those that don’t know much about youtube, YouTube is platform that allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to favorites, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users. You may be wondering to know the difference between a blogging and making money from you youtube, let us discuss about these in the next sections.


Difference between blog and youtube.

Youtube works almost like a blog. With a blog, we need a text content while with youtube, we need video or audio content. Another difference between a blog and youtube is the fact that youtube is the one hosting the content for free while bloggers are the one hosting their content except those using blogger platform.

How to make money from Youtube?

As we discussed in the first section, youtube has a large audience and any website having a large audience normally attract advertisers. So advertisers do contact youtube to advertise their products and services. In turn youtube place adverts on those videos content on the platform. If you want ads to be placed on your videos, you need to apply for youtube adsense. If your account is approved, youtube will start placing ads on your content. That is how you can start making some money with your youtube channel.

In resume, to make money online via youtube you can:

  • Create a youtube channel: First create a youtube channel and start posting your video content. ext apply for youtube adsense. That is one way of making money on youtube.
  • Promote your products and services: Indeed you can use youtube to promote your products and services. Let us say you are a photographer and you do post photoshop tutorials on your channel, you can advertise your products to your audience easily. For example you can sell some photoshop preset ot lightroom preset.Beside this, let your audience know you are available in case they want to hire a professional photographer. If they really appreciate your services through your videos, they will get in touch with you.
  • Drive traffic to your blog and make more money: You can use youtube to drive traffic to your bog. The more traffic your blog has the more you will make money from it. You can easily get this traffic from youtube. Drop your blog link in the description of your videos.The best way to do this is to create a text tutorial of your videos on your blog.
  • Sponsorship: Another way of making money from your youtube videos is to get sponsored by companies willing to promote their products and services through your channel to your audience.
  • Affiliate: promote your affiliate links via youtube.
  • Short your links: You can short your links and get paid for that. Let us say you are talking about an app that your audience have to download, you can short the link to the app and get up $145/10.000 views with site like VIVADS

Things you need to start making money on youtube

In the previous sections, we talked about Youtube in general and how one can make money from it. Now let us see what we need to get started.

  • A laptop: Obviously, you need a laptop if you want to make money from youtube. The laptop will help you in many ways. For example if you plan to be posting tutorial, you may need to record your screen and laptop can help you do that easily. Beside this, you can use your laptop to edit your videos if your channel is all about Vlogs or any other videos.
  • Internet connection: You need internet to upload your content.
  • A phone: If you are making tutorials on how to use some apps of your phone, obviously you need a phone that can help you out.
  • A camera: This is very important for those that are vlogging.

How much can you make from youtube?

If you wan to have an idea on how much people are making on youtube, I recommend you read this post.

Also you can watch the video below to have an idea. (Video Credit: Auto Vlog)

Note: Before you can start posting videos on youtube, you will need a youtube channel. Here is how you can create a Youtube channel. After getting a channel, start posting content. Finally monetize your channel.

Do you want to know how much top youtubers are making? Please read this post.

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Probably you have heard of about the word “vlogging” otherwise may be wondering to know what vlogging means. Vlogging can be liken to blogging. You know with a blog, you post a text content, but vlogging has to do with video content.

Basically you can start recording your daily life or make videos on interesting topics.

For example there is a channel on youtube called Mo VLOG. On this cahnnel, they do talk about expensive cars, mansion, etc…. Beside this, there are some couple that do create a youtube channel and do post their daily life, pranks etc … As a couple you can start earning money online by posting your daily life on youtube.

How to start Vlogging ?

To start vlogging, you first of all need a youtube channel. Secondly you need a good camera to start recording. You will also need a good laptop to edit your videos.

How much can you make by vlogging ?

Please check the section above (how to make money on youtube) to know how much Youtuber are getting paid. In that section I also talked about how one can monetize his/her youtube channel.

Example of Vlog channel

Faze Rug Brawadis


make money on facebook

Another way of making money online is to creating a social network page. Managing a social network page will enable you to make money online. The only thing you need is a phone/computer with internet facility. Begin by sharing interesting posts, images and video. Invite your friends to like your page, encourage your audience to continuously like and share your posts with their friends. Also invite them to tag their friends in the comment section.

The more you post, the more you engage your audience and the more you get new people that will like your page. If you have a little money, you can at first boost your page in order to get new likes.

How to make money from your social page?

As you continue posting and engaging your audience, in time, people will notice your page, and from there companies will contact you to help them advertise their products or services. You may also decide to meet those companies in person, convince them to partner with you.

Another way to monetize your pages is by accepting sponsored posts from bloggers. it quiet simple.

You can also use your social pages to drive traffic to your site and increase your Adsense or affiliate earning.

Notable social page.

Probably you may have heard of this popular facebook page called sarcasm . This page has more than 38 millions fans. Pages like this are really making huge amount of money on a daily basis from guest posts, adverts and traffic driven to bloggers sites.

If you need a social page please contact me, i will do it for you FREE of charge. The only thing you will need is to start posting.

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The firth way of making money online is translation service. If you studied a foreign langue like french, Spanish …. don’t miss the opportunity, you can start making money online at the comfort of your home by working for some companies online. You can also create your own site where you can propose your services to your visitors. We will talk about that later in the post. For now let us see some translation companies you can join online.

  • TranslatorsCafe
    This site enables you to transfer your CV, state your rates for every language combination,In order to set up your account, add a profile picture and describe your specializations and in addition the services you can offer (other than interpretation you can offer subtitling, altering, translating, interpretations, and so on.) Visit “translatorcafe” by clicking here
  • Transperfect
    Another great agency is Transperfect Translations which is the greatest interpretation organizations on the planet. It is located in New York and has 75 subsidiaries around the world. The organization offers interpretations, confinements and other dialect administrations.
  • Gengo
    Another reliable interpretation agency is Gengo. After signing up, you have to complete an interpretation test for the languages you pick and sit tight for their inside expert interpreters to audit it. In the event that you get approved, you can begin working for them as an interpreter.

Aside working for someone, you can decide to create your own translation company. It does not need to be big, just start small and in time it will grow.

Since we are talking about how to make money online, you can decide to create a translation website where you can easily interact with your potential customers. Make sure the site looks professional because if your site looks local, your visitors will probably take you for an amateur.

By the way, if you want someone to translate a text for you from English to French, we are here for you. We offer translation service here at ALB BLOG at an affordable price.

how to make money online by translating


If this is your first time hearing the word “Membership”, you would first of all want to know the meaning of it. Now what is a membership website?

Basically a membership website is an enrollment site with restrictive content accessible only to registered member. Those members do pay a certain amount either weekly, monthly or yearly.

How to start a membership site?

First of all, ask yourself what you can teach people online that have great value and people will be interested in. have you figured out what you can help people with? Now create your membership website by getting a domain a web hosting. After that you can install wordpress and use a membership plugin such as Paid membership pro.

You can hire a developer if you don’t have much idea on how the create a membership site yourself. You can get a developer on fiverr.com

Do you want to see how a membership site looks like and how it works?

Click here to see an example of a membership website. Membership site is another way of making money online, it is very lucrative.

As case study, let us take a look at www.phlearn.com

Phlearn is a site own by Aaron Nace. On phlearn.com they do offer free photoshop and lightroom tutorials. Beside free tutorials, they also offer advanced tutorial on the same site. Those advanced tutorials are only accessible to paid members. As you can see in the snapshot below, they have a free tutorial on how to add volume to hair in photoshop. Regarding Studio lighting and retouching for Athletes,you need to be a paid member before accessing the tutorial. To become a member, you can subscribe for $9.95/month.

7. .

You can make money online by creating website/blog and sell it online. If you are a web designer, you can easily create websites and sell them. There are some clients in the market that don’t have the patience to wait for a designer to built a site for them. You can create and sell website to those ones.

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What do you need to create a website?

To create a website, you need just a domain and webhosting from reliable web hosting companies. You can create your site with a content management system like wordpress.

WordPress is a popular content management system right now online. It has a lot of template and plugins that you can use to easily customize your website. There are free template (theme) that you can use to customize your sites. But if you want to take your site to the next level and make it looks good, I recommend you use a paid template which you can get here.

How can you sell your website or blog?

Here are some steps you can take to sell your blog or website.

  • Create advert on social media: You can reach potential clients by creating beautiful ads on platform like facebook, instagram or tweeter. I recommend you use a video that will make your potential buyers see reasons of buying your site. If you don’t know how to create a video ads, hire someone on fiverr
  • Sell your site on marketplace: You can sell your website on site like FLIPPA. Flippa is a makert place where you can easily sell your ready made website or blog. What you need to do is to register and post your ads. The service is not free actually. They do collect certain amount for the registration.
  • Promote your ads on forums: Another place where you can sell your website is on forum. If you are in Nigeria, you can promote the ads on Nairaland. It is free if you are promoting the ads as a post. You can equally contact the admin of nairaland and they will help you promote your ads. This service is not free.
  • Use google ads: Use google ads service to promote the websites you want to sell. Make sure you use a good looking banner.


how to make money online by creating and selling website


A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. (wikipedia) As a freelance you can make serious money online. A freelancer does not work under any particular employer. He can work at the comfort of his home.

What does a freelancer practically?

  • Freelance web designer: It all depends on the domain. In the domain of web designing for example a freelancer can assist someone by setting up a website, by installing and setting a particular plugin or theme. He can equally assist someone by customizing his/her website.
  • A freelance writer: can write a post for bloggers or anybody in need of content. This means as a freelance writer, you can assist students in their projects. You can equally write content for website owners.For example you can write a captive about us, Contact page etc … for a website.
  • freelance graphic designer: you can also create a logo, banner, flyer …. if you are in need of any of these services please contact us, we will be glad to assist you.
  • Freelance photographer: As a freelance photographer, you can make money online by proposing your services to people. I recommend you get a website with a great portfolio where you can showcase your work.

How much can you make as a freelancer ?

As a beginner you might not be making a lot. But in time when people get to know you and projects you have handled in the past, you will observe increment of your revenue. Let us say you are a graphic designer and it happens that you designed ten logo for different companies in a month and for each logo you charged 10.000 naira. This means for that month you have just made 100.000 naira by designing logo. Beside the design of logo, you can as well design banners or flyers. If we put everything together you may end up getting more than 200.000 naira. Better than looking for job right?

How to become a freelancer ?

To become a freelancer, you first of all need to acquire some knowledge in your filed. Let us say you want to become a graphic designer,you can acquire the graphic design skill by enrolling in a graphic design school. You can as well learn a lot of thing on youtube. If you want to become a photographer, learn how you can edit your photos by watching these useful tutorials for free on youtube.

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I recommend you follow Peter Mckinnon on youtube if you want to become a film maker. He also offer cool tutorials on photoshop.


Still looking for ideas on how to make money online? If yes, then consider extending your physical store if you own one to people searching the web.

Research has shown that 81% of people normally search the web before buying a product or service. If that is the case, why not create an online store? Chances are people searching the web will land on your site and buy your products or services.

Advantage of having an online store.

  • Bigger Customer Pool: More potential customers that will be buying your products.
  • Supply on Demand
  • Open and available.
  • You will employ less compare to having a physical store , no electricity bill…. By reducing your charges, you can invest more in advertisement to insure a large number of people get in touch with your products.

How to create an ecommerce ?

To create an ecommerce, you will need a web hosting and a domain name. You can use a content management system like wordpress to create your online store. You don’t need to have any knowledge in programming. To make your store looks beautiful, you will need a template (theme). You can use Shopkeeper theme for example. please check a demo site built with shopkeeper by cliking here. Below is the tutorial on how the ecommerce site was designed.

Examples of e-commerce doing well in Nigeria.

If you are living In Nigeria we have probably heard of JUMIA, KONGA ….. Those platforms are not just selling their own products, but they also sell other companies products meaning they serve as a marketplace too. In the next section, we will talk about how to make money online by getting a marketplace.

how to make money online by getting your own marketplace

10. Make money online by creating an online marketplace.

Either you have an ecommerce or not, you can start making money online by getting an online marketplace. But first of all, what is an online marketplace?

“An online marketplace (or online e-commerce marketplace) is a type of e-commerce site where product or service information is provided by multiple third parties, whereas transactions are processed by the marketplace operator.” (wikipedia)

So basically, an online market place is after all an eCommerce as we discussed in the previous section. The difference this term around is the fact that we are having many sellers on the platform instead of one. All transactions are processed by the marketplace owner which means he receives the payment, ships the products to clients, deduct his commission and send the balance to individual sellers. He also takes care of the site and handle the marketing aspect.

How to create an online marketplcae?

To create an online marketplace, you will need a domain and web hosting. Secondly if you don’t have the desgin skill, hire someone. Keep in mind that you can design an online market place easily without coding. You can use wordpress to create your market place. Below are some plugins you can use to change your wordpress site to an online market place.

  • Woocommerce: This plugin will help you to turn your wordpress site to an ecommerce at first.
  • Product Vendors: This plugin will allow you to turn your ecommerce to an online market place easily. No coding skill required.

One more important thing is the template of your platform. I recommend you check this category of themes on themeforest. Personnaly I love the design of REVO theme.

revo theme for market place


Probably you have heard about this great platform called Fiverr. It is a market place of freelancers. On Fiverr, you can order for services like web design, blog, video intro, voice over … These services are rendered by freelancers working per time or full time. You can as well design a site like fiverr.


New users on fiverr or other platform are finding it difficult to see their services (gigs) ranking on the first page of the search result. This results to less order received by new users. In order to get new users on your market place, invite those ones to join your platform. But first, make sure you put in place a good SEO and marketing strategies in place. Remember what will keep users on your platform is when they are receiving orders. How will they get order if you don’t have a powerful marketing strategy in place?

How to create the market place?

As we discussed in the previous section, you can use wordpress to design your platform. In case you don’t have any skill in design, hire someone that can help you out. Beside the design, you should also make sure you invest in marketking aspect to ensure people get to know your platform.

How to make money from your platform?

As the market place owner, you determine how much commission you get from every sell. You can decide to collect 10% or more from every sell on the platform. Another way of making money from your platform is the use of Adsense. You can as well sell ads space on your site.


In this section, we are going to talk about how to make money online by creating a forum. But first thing first, let us know what a forum is.

What is a forum ?

A forum is a place used for debates in which anyone can participate. So basically a forum is a community of people exchanging ideas or viewpoint on a particular topic. Let say you are a web developer and in the process of coding you are getting an error, you can create a topic on a forum asking for help. Other programmers will tell you what they think about your error and how to fix it. That is how a forum works. The most popular forum here in nigeria is Nairaland.

How to create a forum ?

To create a forum, you need a web hosting, a domain name. Like other platform, you can use wordpress to create your forum. WordPress a software that is easy to use. To make your forum look great , you can use of a premium theme like Buddy.

How to make money from your platform.

Now, how can you make money online via your forum? You can accept advert on your forum. Believe me, people out there are willing to place advert on your forum in exchange of money, why not grab that opportunity? Another way of making money from your platform is the use of Adsense. You can as well accept donation from your members.

For more information on how to create and monetize a forum please read this post.


Another way of making money online is the use of bitcoins. There are two or even more ways to make money with Bitcoins.

  1. Buy and sell bitcoins: Trading bitcoins is a nice way of making money online. Basically what you need to do is to create an account on platform like Localbitcoins. The next thing to do is to start buying and reselling coins. Bitcoins trading works exactly like the way people do trade “dollar” here in Nigeria.
  2. Stock bitcoins: Because the price of bitcoins is increasing on a daily basis, you can buy, keep and resell it in the future.

Here my experience: I got to know bitcoins when the price was less than $1000.00 (september 2016).

Today (Date I am updating the post- 26 December 2017), the price is $16,010.00 Meaning if I was having 1 bitcoin (350.000 naira) in my wallet then, today it will worth 5.763.598 Naira. That is how I could have gained more than 5 millions niara without stress.

Note: The price of bitcoins does fluctuate, meaning it increase and decrease.


how to make money online by trading bitcoins

12. Creating a social media

Still thinking of how to make money online? Why not create a social media? Yea hear me right, when I say “social media”, I am not talking of something big like facebook or twitter or any big social media you may be thinking of. Just create something simple. Keep in mind that facebook and other socila media were existing before Linda Ikeji launched her own social media called LIS. In fact Tweeter and facebook were existing beforeInstagram was recently launched in 2010.

You may decide to create a platform where you and your friends will be posting content (pictures, video …)

How to get started ?

To create a social media, you need to have a good knowlege in programming. If you don’t, you can still create it using a content management system like WordPress. It is free. Below is a nice tutorial on how to create a social media plafrom using wordpress. Enjoy!

To grow your social media, tell your friends to invite their friends to join the platform. By so doing, your platform will become big and will be having more traffic.

How to monetize your social media ?

There are various ways you can use to monetize your platform. You can sell ads space on your platform. I highly recommend this method because it gives you the opportunity to directly deal with your advertisers ( No middle man ). Alternatively, you can use adsense (linda case) or affiliate.

13. Create a Mobile Application.

Another mean of making money online is to create a mobile application. Now before you say this field is not mine, I don’t have any coding knowledge, here is the thing, there are some platforms out there online that can help you change you idea into an app easily. There are paid and free ones. You can try www.andromo.com to create your first app.

How to get started ?

Everything is all about plan. First pick up a nice idea and try to evaluate the pros and cons of it. Try to see if people will like it by asking your trusted friends what they think about your project. If you think your project is good to go, then start building your app or hire an app developer to build it for you.

How to monetize your mobile app ?

Key app monetization strategies include:

  • Advertising: interstitial, video, native, incentivized, display ads and banners
  • Email marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Subscriptions
  • In-app purchases
  • Freemium upsell
  • Amazon Underground
  • Physical purchases and merchandise
  • Collecting and selling data
  • Affiliate income and referral marketing (from CPA to CPI)

Keep in mind that you can make up to $5000 a month depending on the type of app you want to create. For more information about how much you can make with an app, please read this post.

14. Make money online by becoming an affiliate marketer.

Affiliate marketing is one way of making money online. Basically the affiliate marketer promotes products or services in exchange of commission. Any time the recommendation/web traffic from an internet affiliate leads to a sale, the affiliate earns money. This means the products and services are provided by others while your role will be be the promotion.

How to get started ?

  • First think first, choose the right niche. If i say the right niche i don’t mean you should choose top paying niche, rather choose the niche you are in love with. It is very important to choose what you love doing.
  • Secondly seek for partners in your niche and join their affiliate program. One way of getting partners quickly is to join Commission junction. If there is any company that is not listed on commission junction and you are interested in promoting their products and services, you can ask them directly if they offer any affiliate program. If they do, just apply.
  • Thirdly promote your affiliate links via different platform.

How to promote your affiliate links ?

There are different things you can do to promote your links. You can create a blog and insert your affiliate links into your posts. You can as well create a review blog where you can talk about your experience while using a certain products or service. In your posts, drop your affiliate links that will redirect your visitors to the products you are reviewing if they are interested in buying the products. If at the end they buy any of your recommended products, you get a commission.

You can also use Youtube to promote your affiliate links. Leave your recommended products or services links in the description of your videos.

Lastly use social media to promote your links.

Note: The interesting part with affiliate marketing is the fact that it is 100% passive income. You are not selling anything either you are rendering any service. What you need to do is to recommend products and services to people that visit your site and when they buy you get a commission.

You can get up to 80% of the price of the service or product they buy most importantly in the hosting niche.

15. Create product review blog.

Basically a product review blog publishes experiences of people that used a particular product. These reviews allows new users to know more about the products they intend buying. It helps them to take the right decisions. You will agree with me that sometimes, if we want to buy a certain products, we do seek the opinion of our friends in order to know their experience; if they liked the product and how much they bought it in order not to be cheated on and regret buying the product.

The truth is that sometimes, we don’t always get the necessary information. This is because sometimes our friends have never used that product we are looking for. So people normally seek for people opinion on products on the web. Why not create a blog where you can be reviewing products where people can be getting such information from?

How to create a product review blog ?

Here are some few things you need to get started.

After getting your product review blog, focus on getting traffic, next monetize your blog.

How to monetize your products review blog ?

Just join any online store that is offering affiliate program. If you are in Nigeria, join KONGA and JUMIA affiliate program.

16. Make money online by rendering services on Fiverr.

Fiverr is an online marketplace where people render services like photo editing, video editing, graphic design, web design, web developement, seo services, content writing etc …. Do you have any skill of that nature that people would love ? Then join Fiverr today and start making money online. Keep in mind you can make up to $1000 monthly.

Make sure you are good in whatever service you want to render. Keep in mind that the more people appreciate your services the more you get new client on fiverr. Everything depends on the feedback you are getting.

how to make money online join fiverr
join fiverr

17. Create and sell software.

You will agree with me that technology has taken over a lot of thing. Things are no longer done the traditional way. People are looking for the easiest way to solve problems in life. Can you help out ? Can you come up with a software that can help a lot of people ? For instant, you can create a software that can help merchants to easily manage their their store.


To start creating and selling software, you need to have some knowledge in coding. So think of how to become a good programmer, next be creative, come up with new and great ideas.

How much can you make as a software developer ?

As a software developer, you can make $100.000 every year into your account. For more information about how much software developers are making please read this post.


18. Create a website where people can be downloading music.

We love music, who doesn’t? Can you just take some seconds and imagine the number of people downloading music in a day? Have you ever thought of building a site where people can be downloading music?

Honestly site like notjustok.com Naijaloaded.com and others are really making money serious money.

How can you make money with a download site ?

  • Use google adsense
  • sell ads space on your site
  • promote up coming artist by charging them a reasonable amount.
  • Help some artists to sell their album
  • promote your own products
  • Sell traffic to some bloggers.

19. Start an online survey

First of all let’s answer this question: “What does an online survey mean ?
Basically an online survey is a questionnaire that the target audience can complete over the Internet. Online surveys are usually created as Web forms with a database to store the answers and statistical software to provide analytics. People are often encouraged to complete online surveys by an incentive such as being entered to win a prize.

Companies often use online surveys to gain a deeper understanding of their customers’ tastes and opinions. Like traditional surveys, online surveys can be used in two basic ways: First to provide more data on customers, including everything from basic demographic information (age, education level and so on) to social data (causes, clubs or activities the customer supports) Secondly to create a survey about a specific product, service or brand in order to find out how consumers are reacting to it. In contrast to traditional surveys, online surveys offer companies a way to sample a broader audience at a lower cost.

For more information about online survey and how it works, please consider reading this post.

Note: Paid online survey is a good idea of making money online, but keep in mind that scammers have taken over so make a little research about the site you are enrolling on. Basically what scammers do is to sell your details like your email and phone number etc to people in need. In time you will start getting spam emails. To help out on how to find the right site please read this post. (very helpful)

20. Start reviewing website/blog/apps for money

Every website/blog/app owner wants to know how he platform is doing. True it is important for them to know if their platform are user-friendly because they can lose money due to lousy navigation, lack of clarity, poor design, or content . No wounder some of them are willing to pay good money for objective third-party to review their website.

If you are interested in making money online by reviewing websites/blog please consider joining any of the following platforms.

Note: To test out websites from home, you will need an internet connexion and speak fluent English. You will also need some basic equipment like a computer with a microphone.

21. Make money online by buying and reselling domains

A domain name is the identity of a business online. It is the address you need to enter in your browser to reach all information about a company or organisation online. For instance www.albblog.com is the address you need to enter in your browser to reach ALB BLOG.

The interesting part is the buying and reselling of domains. A domain name costs around $7 to $15 dollors. From time to time, some companies offer great discount and you may end up getting a domain for just 99 cents. So make sure to always look for coupons and promo codes before buying any domain.

Where can you buy a domain?

You can buy a domain name from companies like:

How to resell your domains ?

There are many places on the web where you can list your domains . Consider the following platforms

For more information about this way of making money online, please read this post.

22. Make money online selling photos

Another way of making money online is to sell images. This way of making money is good for people that like snapping photos of the world around them. The next thing is to start selling those pictures online. The good news is that you don’t need a website before getting started. There are a lot of platform on the web where you can sell your photos. The only disadvantage is the fact that you may end up getting 50% even less of each sale you make. If you don’t want any middleman, consider creating your own platform.

Where can you sell your pictures online ?

  • 1) 123RF – Earn 60% commission when someone downloads your image.
  • 2) 500Prime – Make money by uploading and selling your photos on 500Prime. Payments are made via PayPal.
  • 3) Alamy – Earn 50% of each sale.
  • 4) Animals Animals – Make 50% commission off your high-quality animal and nature photos. See site for submission guidelines.

make money online by selling photos

23. Start a food blog

Everybody likes food. Who doesn’t? Basically a food blog is blog where you have to talk about different type food, how to cook them.

How to get started ?

first of all, you need to select the category you wan to specialize in. Don’t blog about something you don’t know, of what value it will be for your visitors if you can not give them more detail about what you are talking about ?

Below are five groups of food:

  • Vegetables and legumes/beans
  • Fruit
  • Grain (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain and/or high cereal fibre varieties
  • Lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds and legumes/beans
  • Milk, yoghurt cheese and/or alternatives, mostly reduced fat

If you know you can provide useful information about these groups of food, you can as well include them all in your blog.

Get a domain name and web hosting: You can both on the following platform DomainKing , Namecheap or Hosgator.

Use the most popular content management system to setup your blog in a minute. lastly you need a theme to make your blog looks great. I recommend you use a premium theme. why not try this one?

how to make money online with a food blog


Jumia is a marketplace where you can easily sell your products and services. They will allow you to list your products for sale provided they comply with their terms and conditions.

How to get started ?

To get started, you will be required to go to the Jumia Seller registration page and sign up. After signing up, you will be able to upload your own products to sell on Jumia Nigeria. You can always contact Jumia’s Partner Support via 0700 6000 000 throughout the entire process in case you require assistance.

make money online by joining jumia


Likewise jumia, Konga is a marketplace where you can easily sell your legit products and services. They call it “konga Mall”. Basically Konga Mall is an online platform that allows people from all over the country to create shops and display their products and services to more than 50 millions Nigerians online.

How to get started ?

All you need to do is register and get access to an online portal – Konga SellerHQ, where you can list your products for sale on Konga.com from the comfort of your bedroom. Payments for goods sold are due to merchants as soon as the order has been successfully delivered, and the returns period for the item has lapsed.

Signing up for Konga Mall is completely free! Click here to sign up —-> Sell on Konga

make money online on konga by selling your products and services

26. Start selling on jiji or OLX

JIJI and OLX are also marketplace where you can easily sell your products and services. They are opened to everybody provided your are selling legit products and service. You can as an individual sell on JIJI or olx easily.

Selling on jiji can help you make money, but keep in mind that a marketplace that is opened to the public is always crowded so your products may end up not being seen by your potential buyers. They normally encourage people to boost their products and services in order for them to be listed on the first page. But before you do, ask yourself how the boosting will help you increase your sales in order not to lose money.

27. Rent your clothing

Do you have good looking clothes for occasion like wedding, anniversary etc … You can rent them out to people in exchange of money. This online money making opportunity is not yet popular in Nigeria. So getting started now will help you to make big before it becomes popular.

How to get started ?

You can create your shop online as an e-commerce. Get a domain and web hosting and use wordpress to setup your online store easily. Make sure you put a good marketing strategy in place in order to reach more potential customers.


Do you have some clothes or bags or shoes that you are no longer using? Are they still looking good for sell. Sell them on JIJI or OLX. Keeping those items will not yield anything for you, so consider selling them before they will become outdated and have no value.


I know you are wondering how you can make money online by selling your tweets. Well it is possible to make money by selling tweets. But note that this online money making opportunity is for people that are having a large audience.

If you know you have enough followers and they might be interested in some products, why not tweet about those products or services and get paid. By tweeting about those products, you are helping those companies to advertise their products to your audience that is the reason why they are willing to pay you.


If you are a web designer or developer or a content writer, note that you can be making money online by helping people that don’t have much time to update their site or blog. Some bloggers have other works doing so not all of them have time for their site.

In some cases site owners don’t have the skill needed to keep updating their site, why not help such people and get a constant amount monthly ?It is a great way of making money online.

31. Make money online with online courses

This method of making money consists of teaching people online what you know or what you can do better. For example you can teach people how to play guitar, how to use a new software, how to cook etc …..

How to get started ?

First choose what you want to teach. Make sure you are good in whatever you decide to teach. you don’t need to be perfect, just have a great knowledge in the field. Secondly ask yourself to know if people will be willing to pay for your courses. This is important because it will be a waste of time create something that people won’t buy.

Bear at the back of your mind that a course is not just a blog post, you need to go in-dept. So make sure you make a lot of research and good in the field. Next, determine how you will sell your courses. You can decide to become a tutor on great platform like Udemy or Skillshare.

For more information on how to make money online selling courses, I recommend you read this post.


First of all, what is a coupon code? In e-commerce and online shopping a coupon code, or promo code, is a computer-generated code, consisting of letters or numbers that consumers can enter into a promotional box on a site’s shopping cart (or checkout page) to obtain a discount on their purchase.

With that definition in mind, a coupon code actually helps your users to get great discount on shopping. You may be wondering to know how is it of your benefit. Well, have in mind that if a company gives you a coupon code that you will in turn offer to your visitors who will buy their products and services, it means you are actually driving customers to that company. In order to compensate you for driving customers to them, they will give you commission.

Keep in mind that you can make up to $100 per sale meaning you can make a living from a coupon code site.

How to get started

Get a domain and web hosting from a reliable web hosting. I recommend you use either Namecheap or Hosgator. The next thing is to install wordpress. Get Clipper theme. It is well designed for coupon site.

Now add your coupon you get from different companies to your site. The more people use those coupons code the more you get commission. Another way that can help you monetize your blog is by accepting people coupon code on your site. You charge them for listing their coupon code on your site. That is a cool way of making money online.

In order to make huge amount from your site, do well to join many companies offering coupons to their clients via affiliate.

clipper theme


So far we have considered different ways of making money online in Nigeria or elsewhere. The question is why is this important for you. Which one should you first start with? Will this pay? Well, as discussed in the introduction, making money online is very lucrative. It pays you more than what a bank or any financial institution can pay you.

You will agree with me that Linda Ikeji for instance won’t accept any job offered by any bank here in Nigeria.

Regarding what you can start with, it all depends on you. I personally recommend you begin with anything you love doingand secondly do put into consideration your budget. For example, if you want to start blogging, you will need a domain and web hosting. But before then, you also need a system and an internet connection. If you choose to create a marketplace for example, keep in mind that you will need to invest more.

How to succeed online ?

To succeed online, hard work is involved. Be smart in any decision you are making and be honest with people. Keep in mind that making money online need patience on your part the same way you need to be patient if you are running an offline business. Don’t expect to start making more than 500.000 naira every month in your first year.

Another thing you should also know is the fact that we can liken online business to renting apartment. Building a house for rent requires money but in time you will get your money back. The interesting part is that you will keep collecting rent for a long time. The only thing you will need is just to be maintaining the house.

Likewise building a blog needs time, energy and money but in time you will yield what you sowed for a long time. Of course you will need to maintain your blog the same way you need to maintain your house.

The truth is that I can’t cover everything here …. Please let me know how you are making money online or other ways that I did not cover. If you enjoyed this article, please don’t forget to share the love with your friends on social media. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive updates from us (it’s free). Let me know what you think or if you have any question regarding the post by leaving a comment in the comment section.

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