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    Do you have a blog? Are you looking for ways that will enable you to monetize your blog? Keep calm, in this post, we are going to discuss 8 powerful ways that people use to monetize their blog. There are many ways of making money with your website or blog. For example many people are aware of google Adsense and I hope you too know about it. But is Google adsense the only way to monetize your blog or website ? Have you ever thought of other means of making money with your blog ?

    Before we talk about how you can monetize your blog, let us see the thing we need to have at the back of our mind when we are new to blogging.

    Many people often give up or abandon their blog because they are not realizing any profit in their first months. Remember nothing comes easy. You need determination and not to give up. It requires a lot of effort to make a website that will be generating revenue for you… By the time you start getting paid for your hard work, you will realize that you can actually make a living by blogging. 

    Below I talked about one or two people that are making a living with their blog, I hope their stories will inspire you and give you confidence that if you don’t give up now, you will be enjoying your blog in future.

    By blogging:
    — Pat Flynn from SmartPassiveIncome.com makes around $80,000 every month, though he has been blogging for 5 years now.
    Lindsay from PinchOfYum.com makes around $20,000 every month.
    Regina from ByRegina.com makes around $7,000 per month. If you are to convert their income in naira, imagine how much they are earning.

    Having considered the experience of those top blogger in the field, let us now see  different ways that will help you to monetize your blog or website. Some might work properly on your blog while others may not. Don’t be discouraged if one method is not working for you, try to use other methods definitively some will work better than others.


    # Google Adsense
    # Sell Ads space on your blog or website
    # Create aservice or hire me page
    # Email Marketing
    # Affiliate Marketing
    # Sell an Ebook
    # Start Selling course on your site/blog
    # Ask for Donation

    8 Easy and fast ways to monetize your blog.


    The most popular way people normally use to monetize their blog is Google Adsense. What is google Adsense? According to webopediaAdSense (Google AdSense) is an advertising placement service by Google. The program has been designed for website publishers who want to display targeted text, video or image advertisements on website pages and earn money when site visitors view or click the ads. So easy right?

    This is how Google Adsense works: fundamentally adsense works with EPC (income per click) and CPC (cost per click). Bloggers or website owner do get paid for the clicks they get on those ads displayed on their blog or website.  As at February 2015 till now, publishers do get 68% of the click cost and Google 32%.  Bear in mind that you can make serious money with adsense if your blog generates a lot of traffic. If you are a Nigerian, probably you have heard the huge amount of money linda Ikeji is making with her blog via Adsense. You may be wondering if there is another way one can use to monetize a blog. Yes is the answer and that is what we will talk about in the second section (Monetize your blog by selling ads space).

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    monetize your blog with google adsense


    Another common way of making money from your website is by selling ads space to advertisers. Allow advertisers to place their banners on your blog and get paid for that. This becomes more interesting because unlike adsense, you don’t have any middleman and you have a full control  of whatever amount you want to charge the advertiser. Also either your visitors click on the ads or not, you will still get paid.

    Keep in mind that you should be reasonable, don’t charge too much because you may end up driving away some potential advertisers. Now where can you place the banners? I will advice you place them in the header, sidebar and footer widgets and within your posts, this works fine. Now you might be wondering to know how you can get in contact with those advertisers. The easiest way is to let them know you are selling ads space on your blog, place a banner on your site telling potential advertisers to place their ads here.

    Also keep in mind that the more popular is your blog the more people will get in contact with you. That is how simple you can make money with your blog. This option is the one use by Nairaland the most popular forum in Nigeria and they are making millions every month. 

    monetize your blog by selling ads space


    This is often the number one reason why people  create website. if you are a web designer, software developer, … why not propose your services to people who visit your site? Surely you will get more customers and you will make more money. That is another way you can use to monetize your blog. From there you may become a full-time online service provider and become your own boss. I strongly recommend using this option if you have a particular skill. Here at ALB BLOG we offer professional services at good price too. Check “My services” for more details



    Email advertising (marketing) is a type of direct showcasing that uses electronic mail as a method for conveying business or raising money through messages to a group of people. In its broadest sense, each email sent to a potential or present client could be considered email showcasing.

    In order to make the email marketing work for you, you need to create a list. Creating a list will enable you to promote your blog content that will lead to more traffic on your blog. I recommend you use convertKit or any other platform of your choice. With good strategies in place, you can expect to  make about $1 per subscriber per month even more. just imagine having one million subscribers which is actually easy to do. You can get that number of subscriber within a year, it all depends on your hard work.

    monetize your blog via email marketing


    Another popular way that will enable you to monetize your blog is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing means referring or recommending products or services to your visitors, if they buy any of them, you get a commission. This woks great especially if you are just starting your blog and you don’t have your own product or service to sell.
    Make sure what you are recommending to your visitors is in harmony with your blog content.

    For instance if your blog is all about web designing, you can easily recommend the best hosting service you know or are using. What you need to do is to register with those companies offering affiliate program and place their banners on your blog content or place it in a widget. Most platform do offer banner for free, you can ask them how to get their banners. They will be glad to help you. If you have any question about affiliate marketing please contact me. I will try my best to help you.


    monetize your blog via ebook
    What is an e-book? An Ebook is an electronic form of a printed book which can be read on a PC or a particularly handheld gadget for example a mobile phone, tablet …. Ebook is a great way of making money from your blog. Write an Ebook that is aligned with your blog content and propose it to your visitors. Writing an Ebook is quiet simple since you are already used to writing of your blog content. Make sure your book content worth what your buyers are paying for.

    Just imagine you have an ebook that you are selling just at 1000 naira and you have just one thousand people that buy it, that means you are already making one million. Ebooks are really lucrative. It is indeed a nice way to make money or monetize your blog.

    If you are in need of an e-book cover, please contact me. I will assist you with that.

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    Courses work extraordinary when it comes to specialized aptitudes like web design, graphic design, app development, software development etc ……. Ask yourself things you love doing the most, things that you are really good at; then create something far better than what other people are offering out there in the marketplace. It is true, you have to invest time and energy to get great courses on your blog but trust me you will really enjoy the fruit of your hard work. Yea, selling course is also a nice way of making money with your blog.

    8. .

    Another cool way of making money from your blog is by asking your visitors to donate some money. You can get a donate button from PayPal and place it on your website. But if you are living in a country where paypal is not accepted like the case of Nigeria, you can provide your bank details or ask your visitors to donate by using Bitcoins. If you wish to donate something to ALB BLOG, you can do so by scanning the QR code below or use our bitcoin wallet:     1DLR74bJNuVRnpijHAy6R9J75RM8vFi76s
    if you wish to donate to our bank account, then contact us.


    monetize your blog via donation

    Aright guys, that will be all for this article. Of course there are other ways of monetizing your blog. If you have any other ideas, please let me know in the comment section. I love hearing from you. If you have any question regarding this topic or any other topics, please do well by contacting us. Also do not forget to share the love with your friends by sharing this post on facebook, twitter, instagram. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive updates from us. (it’s free)
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