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    How to add inline related posts in wordpress blog posts.

    Do you want to know how to add related posts in your posts without having to add them manually? If yes, this post ishere to help you out. Before we proceed to how to implement it on our site,let us see the reasons why it is important.

    Importance of inline related posts.

    If you want to boost your pageview and SEO, then it very important for you to be adding “related posts”. It helps you to keep your visitors for a long time on your site. There are many plugins that can help us add automatically “related posts” within our blog post in wordpress but for the sake of this article, we are going to use: Inline Realted post.

    Table of contents

    1.. Instalation
    2.. Setting

    STEP 1: Instalation

    Of course the first thing we need to do is to install the “Inline related post” plugin. In order to do so, hover over plugins and click ” add new”. On the next page search for”Inline Related Post” as shown in the snapshot below.

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    add new plugin

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    On getting the plugin, click on “install”, wait some seconds for the plugin to be installed. After the installation, click on “Activate” to make it active. The next step is the setting of the plugin which we will consider in the next section.


    Now it is time to configure our plugin, to do so, hover over  “settings” and click on “Inline Related Posts”.

    inline related posts setting 4

    Style Setting

    In this we are going to focus on the design of the inline related posts. The first thing we are going to do is to check the “active” field.


    If you are used to many blogs, you will observe while reading a post, you will see “read also” “related” “you might be interested in:” etc … What do you want your related text to be ? In the snapshot below i use “Read also”, keep in mind that you can use whatever pleases you.

    In the Theme section, choose the one you want. If you are using the free version of the plugin, you don’t have any other option than the theme “shock”. The advantage with other theme is the  fact you can see the featured image of the post inline.

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    Keep the Opacity  100 and others as default.  Let us move to the colors.

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    Here you have the option of choosing the color of different part of the inline related post. Follow the example shown in the snapshot below.

    style setting of inline related posts

    Plugin Settings

    I recommend you leave as default. Basically in this section you will be asked to place the inline related posts in your previous posts or not. Secondly choose the number of related posts you want to be placing in your posts. By default it is three.

    Engine setting and Metabox integration

    I recommend you leave everything as default in these sections.

    engine setting of inline related posts


    Inline related posts is indeed a great plugin that helps us reduce our bounce rate and boost our SEO. It also saves us time in the sense that we don’t have to be  including inline related posts manually. I really recommend it for all the great feature it has.

    That will be all for today’s post, if you did enjoy it, please share with your friends by making use of the social share buttons. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive updates from us. (it’s free) Let me know what you think or if you have any question regarding the post by leaving  a comment in the comment section.


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