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May 6,2018

How to add inline related posts in wordpress...

Do you want to know how to add related posts to your posts without having to add them manually? If yes, this post is here to help you out. Before we proceed to how to implement it on our site, let us see the reasons why it is important. Importance of inline related posts. If you want to boost your pageview and SEO, then it very important for you to be adding "related posts". It helps you to keep your...

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April 15,2018

Complete Ad inserter Tutorial step by step

When it comes to adding Ads on your site, I recommend you use Ad inserter plugin. Ad inserter is a very powerful plugin that helps you insert any type of ads. You can use it to add your google Adsense code, your own ads or sponsored ads. It is really up to you. Without taking much time to let us get into the tutorial. But first, let us see the table of contents. Table of contents. 1.. how to install...

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January 9,2018

WordPress Yoast SEO Tutorial

Hey there! Today we are going to talk about how we can easily setup Yoast SEO plugin. But first thing first, what is SEO ? SEO can be define as  Search Engine Optimization, (more…)

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January 7,2018

What you should do if your content is...

It's sad to see your blog content copied by someone else. I know how you must have felt or how you will feel if you see your content on someone blog.  Rest assured that there is (more…)

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January 2,2018

How to protect your blog content.

It's sad to know that some people do copy other bloggers contents instead of writing their own original posts. In this post, I going to show you how you can protect your contents. (more…)

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