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How to create a blog using wordpress.

How to create a blog with wordpress? Ever asked yourself or someone this question? If your answer to the above question is yes, probably you have heard how people are making money with their blog and how they are using wordpress to setup their blog easily. Have you thought of getting one yourself?
If yes, then this post is for you.

Hey guys! Today I am going to show you how to create a blog with wordpress for free. The process is quiet simple. Whether you are young or old believe me you can create it yourself. Blogging is a lucrative way of making money online nowadays.

Keep in mind that by blogging, you can be making more than $100 dollars daily, interesting right ? Everybody wants to make money, most importantly if we can be making that money from the comfort of our home. But the question is how can you create a blog ? How to you get the blog and start making money ?

First thing first, what do you need to create a blog with wordpress ?

In order to create a blog with wordpress, you will need at least two things:
— A domain name ( for example www.albblog.com )
— A web hosting account ( This is where your blog will be hosted )
Now let us take a look at the table of contents.


# Getting a domain name and hosting account.
# How to Install WordPress

# How to install your Theme
# How to write your first article.
# Create a page

# How to customize wordPress with plugins
# create menu 

If you are ready, I am ready let’s get started.


A lot of web hosting service provider offer the possibility to get both a domain name and a hosting account which in my opinion makes things done faster. But keep in mind there are a lot of hosting companies out there in Nigeria and outside nigeria. For example we have:
— DomainKing.ng
— smartweb.com.ng
— whogohost.com …
to just mention few. And outside Nigeria we have companies like:
— siteground.com
— hostgator.com
— Ipage.com
— Hosting24.com
— bluehost.com
— 1and1.com



I recommend DomainKing.ng or Hosgator or NamecheapFor the sake of this tutorial, I am going to use DomainKing. Please note that they are registrar of .ng domains. You can also verify their website from NIRA registry hereThey offer 99.9% Uptime Guarantee on all their web hosting plans. Also, you can try their hosting service as they offer 30 days money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their service you can ask for a refund (minus domain fees as domains are non-refundable). They provide 24/7 customer support. You can contact them at any time if you need help. They also provide Free SSL with a hosting plan. They offer free .com.ng with all plan and .com extension with Minister or King plan. Here I have a coupon code that will save you 40% on your hosting: ALBBLOG40


In case you don’t want to use DomainKing, and you are finding it difficult to follow me along, just contact me I will be glad to assist you. Now that you have chosen your hosting company, let’s see how we can create our blog by first getting a domain and web hosting. Keep in mind that I am using DomainKing in this tutorial.



Click “HERE” and you will be redirected directly to DomainKing.ng  website. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any challenge. I will be glad to assist you.

Let’s go ahead to purchase your domain + hosting in order to create our blog.

I recommend you open DomainKing in a new window so as to follow along what I am doing. Just click here. Scroll down and you will see all packages they offer. In our case we want to host WordPress so we are going to select “wordpress hosting”

domainking hosting

Click on “learn more“, then you will land on the page below

order now (how to create a blog with wordpress)

Choose any package of your choice depending on your monthly page-views estimation  and select the billing term (1). After that click on “ORDER NOW” (2).  If you click on “ORDER NOW” you will be redirected to the page below (see screenshot)


 Here is another way of getting a hosting account on Domainking . Hover over “hosting” and select “web hosting”, choose your package and click on “order now”. Now let us proceed with the buying process.

domainking hosting (how to create a blog with wordpress)Select the first option (1) if you are creating a new blog. Choose the second option if you already have a domain that you purchase somewhere and you want to transfer the domain name to DomainKing. Choose the third option if you only need a hosting account from DomainKing. You will have to update your nameservers where you bought the domain name. If you case falls under the second and third option and you don’t know how to go about it, please contact me, I will help you out for FREE.

Enter your domain name that you wish to use, for example domainking.ng  is the domain of domainking. In our case, our adress is albblog.com.

Note: You domain can already be taken by another person, if that is the case, don’t worry, just try another domain name.

After getting your domain name, scroll down and click on “CLICK TO CONTINUE”.

You will move to step #3  to choose the billing cycle (interval of time you will be renewing your hosting account). Next, click on “Add to cart”. You will be redirected to the next page, check all the addons, they are free. (check the image below)

how to create a blog with wordpress (buying a hosting account) at domainking

Click on “continue to Final checkout page“.  you will be redirected to the following page.

how to create a blog with wordpress (buying a hosting account)

Fill the form above, enter a promotional code if you have any, it helps you reduce the total amount you are to pay. Here I have a special coupon code that will enable you to save 40% on your hosting account. Here is the code: ALBBLOG40.  The next thing is to agree to their terms of service and click on “COMPLETE ORDER”.

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create a blog with wordpress (buying a hosting account)
You can use you ATM card (debit card) or make the payment directly to their bank account. After verification of your payment, they will email you every details concerning your hosting account.
Congratulations! Now you have a domain and a hosting account. Let’s move to step 2


In case you want us to set it for you for FREE, please learn more about how we do assist people for free by clicking on the button below otherwise stay tuned, I will teach you how to do it.

You can install WordPress from your Cpanel, there is one quick-install tool offered by DomainKing or you can  transfer wordpress files through a FTP software and then install wordpress. My favorite FTP software is fileZilla. Click HERE to download it for free. Make sure you select the version that is compatible with your system.

Note: Using the process above means you want to build your site live. (people will see what you are doing, wrong or good). If you have just stared with wordpress, I recommend you create the site on a local server. See THE ADVANTAGE AND HOW TO INSTALL WORDPRESS ON A LOCAL SERVER by clicking HERE.

Now let’s focus on how to install worpress, I am going to show three ways of getting wordpress installed. Choose anyone you like by clicking on it link below, it is up to you.


After a successful installation, we need to customize our blog.


Step: 3.1 .

In order to create a blog that will be looking professional, we will need a theme/template. Right now you blog/website might not be looking great, don’t worry, we will fix it in a moment. We are going to install a theme that will make it look great. There are free and premium themes.

I recommend you use a premium theme in order to get the best result. To get a premium theme, click HERE and search for “BLOG or anything you’re looking for”. You will be provided with thousands of theme, select the one you like. Keep in mind that you might not be familiar with some theme at the beginning, you can watch some useful tutorials online which will help you know how to make use of them. You can also contact us in order to setup the theme for you.

In this tutorial i am going to use “themify theme“,  click HERE to visit THEMIFY website and get your theme so as to follow along. At the end of the day, you will get something like albblog.com  even more than. It is up to your imagination. (be creative)

You can equally get a free theme by clicking HERE .  Now let’s configure our site.

Go to “appearance” –> “theme” –> “add new” —> “upload file” –> “choose file”  —>. Just go ahead and select your theme file and click on  “install now” (please don’t unzip the file).


create a blog with wordpress adding a theme

After a successful installation, click on “activate”

After that go and check your site, you will a little change. Customize the theme at your own taste by going to “themify ultra” —> “themify setting”. Next go to “appearance” —> “Customize” and further customize the look of your blog. i don’t know your taste and i am going to impose my preferences on you. Just play around with all the options, check how your site look like after making any change.

step 3.2

We need two important plugins: The one that will make our website load faster and another one for security purpose. That being said go ahead and download w3 total cache  and Wordfence.

Step 3.3

Blog or website is all about content, now that we are done with the setting, let’s proceed to the next step: how  to write an article. In order to do that, hover over “post” and click on “add new”, Enter your post title, and start typing your text. After that, categorize your posts by clicking on “Add new category”, enter the category name and hit “Enter” on your keyboard. Next enter your post tags which will help your visitors to see related content to your present article, scroll down and add a feature image then click on publish.

Continue adding new articles until you feel like having enough content on your blog. After getting a number of articles we want, let’s create some pages.

create a blog with wordpress adding a post

STEP 3.4 

The process of creating a page is similar to that of post. Click on page –> add new —> add your page title. Next, type your page content in the content section and hit “publish“. That is how easy you can create a page on wordpress. Now let’s see how we can create a menu.

STEP 3.5 

Having a menu on your website or blog helps your visitors to easily navigate and access your content without stress. It’s also another mean of making your blog “user-friendly”. Let me show you how you can do that. Go to “appearance” –> “menu” —> “create a new menu”. Enter your menu name (for example “menu1”) and click on “create menu”. Next look at the left side, there you will see all the pages you’ve just created. Select  the ones you want to add to your menu. Next, click on “SAVE” and that’s all.

Congratulation, now your blog is ready. 

That will be all for today’s tutorial, if you did enjoy it, please share with your friends by making use of the social share buttons. Don’t forget to subscribe to receive updates from us. (it’s free) Let me know what you think or if you have any question regarding the post by leaving  a comment in the comment section.

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  • Ade Posted 16 hours ago

    I love this your theme, please, what exactly is the name please?

    • Support Team Posted 16 hours ago

      I am using themify. but keep in mind that I did customize the site with code myself.

  • Zeanslim Posted 17 hours ago

    Nice tutorial, I will be opening my first WordPress site soon, thanks.

    • Support Team Posted 5 hours ago

      Thanks, Glad you enjoyed it.


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